Space Time

  Joon-Sung Kim, CRP Outstanding Poster Award at the ACS Washinton DC,  2017
  Vignesh, Fei, Dr. Peter (Visiting Scholar), Joon
Dr. Bruno Ameduri, Dr. Asandei, Vignesh ACS Flouro Polymers 2016
Yanhui, Gobinda, Michael, Prof. Asandei, Brittany, Kate and Isaac – Summer 2004
Gobinda in Graduation Ceremony, May 2007
After Gobinda’s Defense, April 2007
Yanhui, Prof. Asandei, Isaac and Gobinda – Fall 2005
Robert, Yanhui, Megan, Prof. Asandei, Nick, Gobinda, Dr. Tang- Summer 2006
Robert, Gobinda, Prof. Asandei and Yanhui- Spring 2006
Isaac, Thu, Prof. Asandei, Gobinda, Yanhui and Natalia – Summer 2003
Gobinda and Yanhui – Fall 2005 Rain inside the lab !!!!
Kate, Yanhui, Prof. Asandei,Gobinda and Isaac – Spring 2003
Matt, Prof. Asandei and Isaac – April 2002