Research Interests

  1. New initiators, catalysts and monomers for living chain and step polymerizations

  2. Ti and Zr-catalyzed living radical and ring opening polymerizations initiated from epoxides, aldehydes, and inactivated halides in the synthesis of architecturally complex copolymers

  3. Dual concurrent living polymerizations of dissimilar monomers via different mechanisms in the synthesis of block copolymer nanostructures and self assembly

  4. Organometallic chemistry: new catalysts for transition metal couplings an metallocene /radical (co)polymerizations of polar/nonpolar monomers

  5. Controlled polymerization of fluorinated monomers, ATRP of dienes, polycondensations, anionic, cationic, and metathesis living polymerizations, supercritical polymerizations for biodegradable drug delivery nanoparticles